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2019. First breath.

From the creative idea of ​​Jhonluke Briganti, and

Emanuele damind respectively industrial designer and model,

BRIGAMIND ™ has come out of the shadows.

Tired of following other people’s paths,

Jhonluke and Emanuele felt the need to #provide their #attitude.

The inspiration behind the brand name is the synergistic union

of the founders’ nicknames, Briga and Mind. BRIGAMIND ™ is here.

Our mission is to manufacture products for maximum convenience

on the road by leveraging quality, design and research at a competitive price.

For this reason, our products,

always new year by year, present a new attitude.

The core value of BRIGAMIND ™ is deeply rooted in the gaze.

Our attitudesupplier slogan means making sure you swim against the tide,

aiming straight at your goal even if it means creating your own trend.

The pillars of BRIGAMIND ™ are richness and bold elegance.

Flaming and trained supercars dobermans, already important elements of our first collection, perfectly represent our vision: walking down the street and knowing that you are in charge.

Our HURANI suit is one of the three main pieces around which our collections are built.

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