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Introducing NZXT 5000, the most functional and sexy power bank on the market.
5000 mAh of power is like having two other batteries always with you 100% charged. With wireless function but also via adaptable USB and Type C cable.

Very fast charging speed, 15W power, just slow charges.

If you want a power bank that meets all your expectations at the best price on the market, this is your power bank.

NZXT is superior, it is strongly magnetized on one side. Place it behind your smartphone, press a button and that’s it.

NZXT is 100% safe and has the national CE certificate of European conformity, tested in all its values. It does not heat up above 28c, has 30 magnets coated with anti-heat absorption polymers. Maximum safety and practicality. You will always use it, created to improve life.

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Type: wireless portable power bank
Model: brigamind’s NZXT
Material: aluminum frame
Cable compatibility: all devices – adaptable cable
Types of charging: wired and wireless – double function
Charging speed: very fast
Battery type: lithium polymer battery
Output interface: USB type C – PD20W
Input interface: Micro USB
Wireless compatible: with Qi fast charging
Wireless: Maximum 15W, supports 5W / 7.5W / 10W
Wireless and Type-C Port: DC 5V / 3A Max (at the same time)
Input: 5V / 2A, TYPE-C input port
Capacity: 5000mAh
Dimensions: approx. 6.7×6.7×1.5cm / 2.64×2.64×0.59inch
Color: black blue green white

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Black, White, Blue, Green